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Bukiya Oni Sakura Singlet, IPF Approved , Black Pink

RM 50.00

  • Superior Quality Heavyweight Fabric — Materials play an important role when choosing your powerlifting singlet. Oni Powerlifting Singlets are made from high-quality heavyweight fabric that are not prone to tearing yet allow easy manoeuvring which is very crucial during your lifts.
  • Solid Full Body Construction — Our singlets are constructed as one solid unit. Thick but comfy for durability and supreme compression for your whole body. Other brands use lighter fabric on the leg part.  You don’t want anyone to see your undies, do you?
  • Optical Illusioned Design — sidelines from the hips to the thighs are visually designed to give you a special effect that hinders the referee from noticing your hip popping during the bench press.
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Strips — rubber strips are printed on each shoulder blade to give you an additional anti-slip effect with your bench press setup.
  • Elastic Leg Bands — Tight but comfortable elastic bands around each thigh giving you a secure fit.
  • IPF Approved

Sizing Chart

60kg or less: X-Small
60kg-70kg: Small
70kg-80kg: Medium
80kg-90kg: Large
90kg-115kg: X-Large
115kg-125kg: XX-Large
125kg over: XXX-Large

Please wash separately. Do Not tumble dry, Dry with hanger straight after wash.